Final exam is just around the corner (sila baca mengikut british accent)

May 1, 2012

Ceh!I know.  Instead of update my wordpress, it’s better for me to baca buku right? righto! kejap je laa

It’s almost 7 months I didn’t wrote anything here. I’m the busiest person in Malaya you know. Hah.  But I always update my twitter. Although no one will read my wordpress, tak apelah. I wanna update jugak 🙂

I just read one of my friends blog, a friend with same fikrah, knows what she doing and of course, she never know word ‘tired’ in this journey. Huh! Shame on me 😦  I always read her blog when I feel slightly futur, when I feel I wanna give up. I looked at her blog, suddenly some kind of electricity flowed. The power she gave me. Cool. When I know she was sick, now slowly recovering, I said: I want to be with her. Yana moga sihat sihat ye! (I know you wouldn’t read this)

OK! habis part itu

inspector calls; Birling's family :)

Our play, inspector calls dah habis (kalau taktau kindly go to youtube and watch it there :p) Next week is my final exam for 2nd semester. I need to try the hardest because my carry marks is..teruklah berbanding first sem. haiyya! waccha! Me boleh! Tanah Melayu boleh! Er. Apekah? 4 papers for 2 days.

There is no concluding sentence 😀


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