October 20, 2011


ahah~ Almost 1 month i’ve stayed here.  Great experience. Walking under the shining sun or sometimes even rain. And make my skin darker. But who cares?

People here that so called student, is totally different compared to the one i had in usim and al-amin, Sooo different. it’s lil bit hard for me. hm

Royal jelly plays.

Dnt condition here is lil bit different from usim. If at usim we have soooo many ‘penggerak’ that bergerak. Here, there’re few including me (inshaallah) huuu. takut. Allah please lead my way to get you. Change me into a better person….

Till then. i don’t have anymore idea. 🙂 Glad to be back home 🙂


One comment

  1. it’s ok it’s alright fir fight! fight! fight! ^^huhu. May Allah bless and guide u, with lots of love. usrah mcm mn? dah mula ?

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